4000KM China Road Trip; Shenzhen-Hunan-Chongqing-Sichuan-Guangxi

Join my family and I on a random last minute road trip across China. Enjoy some of the views, join me for a bit of conversation, and follow us as we try and fix our vehicle malfunctioning in the Sichuan mountainside regions.

China has been building an amazing road network with new tunnels and bridges all across the country and previously difficult-to-access places are all of a sudden within reach.



  1. Hi Daniel, I was your follower in Twitter for sometimes, but unfortunately Twitter blocked me in a short period after I registered. I am so so so glad to see your program here. Keep up, the world needs to know the truth about China. Thanks

  2. Do your kids speak only English? Or they can speak both English and Chinese? What are their fluency in both languages? Do they have a preference? What language does their mother speak to them?

  3. The money you were holding says "咸豐通寶", which means it was minted between 1851 and 1861 or so. Not actually an old coin, but still pretty old.

  4. Your life is my dream , best road trip vlog ever , wished i could do same trip as you done in near future .

  5. had a small bottle of wine and enjoyed watching your road trip .I will be moving to Changsha and getting married when the borders open up again.

  6. Remarkable inner & rare road trip along those formerly real hard core poorer rural city of China. TQvm for an effort especially brought along with toddlers of your family. Wish you all well & your family ! 👍🙏😁

  7. great video, clean and clear, a good flow story of the trip. I like the adventure trip, but this unpredictable cool weather always scare me away to drive in winter. Very much enjoy your video.

  8. Daniel, magic to see some of the China I miss and won't be able to revisit for a while. (Chongqing is bonkers amazing isn't it!) Thanks for sharing this trip. Among many other things I'm seriously interested to know more about the RV thing in China. Pls share more on that when/if you can. My idea is to come to China and buy one (driving my own over from Europe doesn't appear to be an option for now). You mentioned an RV "group" there?… Curious about that. Thanks again.

  9. not interested in this video。 i traveled 4 years in China. China is very beautiful .chongqing ,.sichuan, xinjiang,.guizhou, hunan and so on

  10. Daniel, the guy did say every 2 hours not 3 to keep your van from freezing. That was a wise man. Thanks for taking us all out for a ride and your incredible journey with such beautiful footage.

  11. How much better are the roads in China compared to Canada? Just FYI I wouldn't blame that fuel issue on your van, diesel fuel gels in cold temps, you usually have to get No.2 diesel in North America anyway, or you can buy the additive for it at any fuel station, that is if you can find it in China.

  12. Hi Daniel, I thoroughly enjoyed your video. It is interesting for a 66 yo Chinese guy living in Australia to watch. Hearth warming to see the motherland's progress and the unique landscape. Thanks a bunch for your efforts mate.

  13. I have been staying in the States for 3 years without going back to China. Your road trip makes me missing my home 😭

  14. Thanks for sharing! Great video. 有机会的话可以去云南贵州,那边的基建让我一个中国人都震惊到说不出话。

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