from Pakistan

ACF launches ‘wildlife rescue’ initiative

Pakistan’s first and largest animal rescue
organization, Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation (also known as ACF), kick-started
their official ‘Wildlife Rescue’ program in 2020, which aims to protect and
rehabilitate wildlife animals across the country. Their first step in the
program was a monkey rescue at Empress Market where 4 monkeys were held captive
in brutal conditions.

For centuries animal cruelty has been a
thorough staple in Pakistan for entertainment purposes or the lack of
knowledge/understanding of how animals actually feel. Recently several others
have spoken out against the injustice faced by animals on a daily basis and
people are now waking up to how problematic these issues actually are. ACF
urges everyone to develop an understanding and demonstrate compassion towards
animals as they are another form of life on the planet.

The initiative was developed after the Head of
Sindh Wildlife, Jawad Mahar and DC South, Irshad Sodhar and Assistant
Commissioner Saddar, Sherina Asad rescued 4 monkeys from living in the horrific
conditions in a pet market. The monkeys were then handed over to ACF to
rehabilitate them and tend to their trauma. One of the monkeys was less than a
month old, shivering, terrified in a little cage, hungry and crying. One of the
older monkeys was reported to be partially blind and had spent his whole life
beaten, in a cage while being in a state of chronic fear as he couldn’t see
what was happening around him.

When asked about the program, founder of ACF,
Ayesha Chundrigar stated, “We would like everybody to shift the perspective we
have drummed into us that animals are not important and are only a means to an
end for humans. We would like people to develop the capacity to empathize and
realize that just because we don’t speak the same language doesn’t mean they
don’t feel the same as we do. We are not asking for everyone to love animals.
We are simply asking for people to just understand that no living being should
be deliberately made to suffer just because we have the power to do so.”

ACF Animal Rescue started 7 years ago with the goal of
giving a platform to the most vulnerable, abused, and neglected segment of
society. In order to promote compassion and understanding for all wildlife
animals, the organization developed ‘Wildlife Rescue’ to facilitate and stop
the ongoing animal cruelty across the country in hopes of inspiring others to
speak out against animal cruelty.