Beijing, China Travel Adventure

We had one day to explore Beijing so we crammed The Temple of Heaven, The Forbidden City, Beihai Park, and The Summer Palace all into one amazing day of touring! Hope you enjoy seeing the city with us. Stay tuned for the next episode because we are going to The Great Wall of China next.

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  1. nice video, time and people passed, the building still stands. Welcome to my channel that provides copyright free music every day.

  2. your channel is a good find! I love the natural and cheerful way you deal with the little problems. Its like beeing really there with a friend. the picture in 14:26 is amazing. :DD

  3. Save country to travel. No homeless, no beggers, no violence, no gangs, rioting, no angry people around. Amazing knowing there are 1,4 bil. people living there.

  4. Why would you go to CHINA, then sit in your room eating cup-o-noodles? I'd bet there are a million open-all-night restaurants in Beijing.

  5. A trip to Beijing is an adventure? It's obviously the safest place in the world, and I'll tell you the truth, the most dangerous place in China is safer than anywhere else in the United States. Chinese people don't exclude foreigners, and it's the best place in the world to travel and eat.

  6. O my god… Omg …omg….. !! Your vids have such a awe calmness inspite of all the hustle 😎😎 !! Binged all this week… All 21 of china !!!

  7. I’m Chinese American born in Beijing. When my best friend Wendy who’s a white girl visited Beijing with me, the teeney tiny poodle 🐩 comment was exactly what she said as well. 🤣 Wendy said said she lost count at 120 the second morning upon her arrival. 😂
    BTW I grew up in Beijing until immigrated to the US at 13. When I was little the forbidden city and summer palace were just parks in my neighborhood. We go there all the time and rarely foreigners were seen. That’s only like 30 years ago. What an amazing world and amazing time.

  8. Thanks for sharing this, really makes me miss China. Fantastic to see your impressions! Hope to move to Beijing next year and this makes me really excited. Greetings from Hong Kong 😊🌆

  9. 15:09 when you were walking through the corridor take a minute and look up to the paintings on top. There were hundreds of paintings depicting stories from Chinese classics

  10. Actually you should have a tour guide during visit to Forbidden City. You would get to know all kind of story in every corner, building and palaces. It is a very historical place. And you wouldn't get lost inside there.

  11. OH my lord!!!!! you guys just went to the area that I used to live at, it has t all my childhood memory bro….. so touching. I miss my home town so much.

  12. I guess you can only see that the old people do exercise together in parks. Nearly every park, every park.

  13. I cant stopping laughing when you say "I am not dying! "😂😂😂
    Hope people understand the Chinese style traffic!

  14. Tian Tan should be translated as the Temple of the cosmos, not heaven. The concept of heaven is not salient in China.

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