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#Chicken Curry is a dish originating from the Indian subcontinent. It is a common delicacy in the Indian subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Great Britain as well as in the Caribbean (where it is usually referred to as curry chicken). A typical curry from the Indian subcontinent consists of chicken stewed in an onion- and tomato-based sauce, flavoured with ginger, garlic, tomato puree, chilli peppers and a variety of spices, often including turmeric, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, cardamom and so on. Outside South Asia, curry chicken is often made with a pre-made spice mixture known as curry powder.

Regional Variation
Indian subcontinent
Indian cuisine has a large amount of regional variation, with many variations on the basic chicken curry recipe. Indian chicken curry typically starts with whole spices, heated in oil. A sauce is then made with onions, ginger, garlic, and tomatoes, and powdered spices. Bone-in pieces of chicken are then added to the sauce, and simmered until cooked through.In South India, coconut and curry leaves are also popular ingredients Chicken curry is usually garnished with coriander leaves, and served with rice or roti. Even within the country, there are variations among regions. In Northern India, where the delicacy may be cooked with extra spice. Additionally, one can find the dish in several small shops as well as five-star restaurants. Depending on the style of preparation, some versions may be sweeter while others will have a creamier taste to them due to the ample use of butter and cashew nut paste.

In South India, chicken curry may be thickened using coconut milk.

Trinidad and Tobago
This dish was introduced to Trinidad and Tobago by indentured Indian workers. At that time, the dish was very similar to the chicken curry dish of India, consisting mostly of sauce with few chicken pieces. However, poultry in Trinidad and Tobago was so readily available, the dish began consisting of mainly chicken, flavored with curry spices. As Trinidadians continued to find their own identity in the world, new curry chicken type dishes began forming. Curry goat and curry duck have become widely popular. Curry chicken and its derivatives are also popular in Suriname, Guyana, Jamaica, Barbados, Grenada, and other Caribbean territories with Indian and South Asian influence.

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