Donny Deutsch: ‘Donald Trump Is In

Donny Deutsch predicts Donald Trump’s next act will be in television, and says if you were pre-producing Trump’s next move, you’d rather the president act aggrieved than accept his loss. Aired on 11/10/2020.
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Donny Deutsch: ‘Donald Trump Is In Pre-Production Right Now’ | Deadline | MSNBC



  1. Check out Dr. Shiva and see why these Secretary of state have fraudulent render the election null and void. President Trump won the popular and electoral vote overwhelmingly higher then any previous election, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MnDkB1AwT7E
    The Fraudulent compilation is horrendous and illegal so called mail in ballots that have no record of scanned image ballots are separated and voter name which is discarded having no accountability and by constitutional law there is no longer a legal vote but a ballot and no tie to voter address or signature. So when the secretary of state recounts is just ballots that have no voter attached to the voter's ballot, thus ballot stuffing by no voter ballots.,,,,,,,

  2. You could also be 'pre-producing' a walking coup attempt. Just sayin'.

    Also, how's he going to be a kingmaker if he's going to be in jail?

  3. Their Hope's are for republican legislatures to not certify the Biden votes and name a slate of trump voters. We'll see dec 14

  4. Trump was right in 2016. Even though the media chased the fake story for 3+ years.they completely discredited themselves in 2016 and they're attempting to do it again in 2020. If what Democrats say is true then Trump lost and he needs to concede when the vote is certified. If Trump is right (like he was in 2016 when the entire media and Democrats had it so wrong and lied to the American people over and over) then elections have no credibility, Democrats have no credibility and the media themselves will have thoroughly discredited themselves.

    A lot hangs on the line here.

  5. Yes and trump always was about him and whats next for him. He was never about AMERICA
    If he comes out with some sort of show it will be telecast from prison.

  6. If you guys don’t think Trump will resign and then have Pence pardon him your nuts. Trump won’t go to jail.

  7. Scary that people will still pay attention to him and he will continue to divide us, perhaps especially as he goes unchecked.

  8. I'm glad you mentioned the role of the media – they are the bums who gave Trump too much coverage at the expense of otherwise sane republicans during the primaries. The MEDIA instilled Trump into the Presidency.

  9. So if Trump doesn't go to jail for his crimes, he's literally planning use a network to radicalize Americans and encourage domestic terrorism. I thought speech that incited violence wasn't protected and illegal. Somebody help me out here.

  10. Trump should not be allowed to part of any fund raising because he uses the funds for himslef, his jet, etc.

  11. After Trump leaves office, Twitter will drop him and the networks will no longer be obligated to cover him. Newsmax will be the only one showing his stupid rallies.

  12. Bloody red country C is in the background. Democrats and Republicans (RINO!) The United States has received huge bribes from Dominion and Smartmatec to plan the biggest fraudulent elections of the century. It is a crisis of democracy and a blasphemy to God. Country C has Taiwan / Japan (Senkaku Islands / Okinawa) as its territory and is ready to justify the invasion of Hong Kong / Tibet / Wiggle / South Mongolia and is ready to overthrow the anti-C Trump administration. I learned of the fact that I planned and implemented it. Electoral fraud in the US electoral system The number one cause of fraudulent elections is the inability to act rigorously. Whether you are an illegal immigrant or a dead person, you can vote as many times as you like, and even observers are fooled by bribes and intimidation. This is the collapse of the Democratic Parliament. A unified system is essential in every state. Without a strict US resident registration system, fraudulent elections cannot be prevented. And during this presidential election, the Second Army of Army C said on SNS, "Good! Ready for the war"!
    German company BMW
    C Country Group Company Discovers 1 Trillion Debt Facts!!

  13. I totally agree – generally ignore them, and only react when they cross a legal line – then react swiftly, and with justified legal response.
    Let them self-destruct – if the rest of us ignore them, in time, they will consume one another.

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