International Travel During Covid-19 | India

Welcome to our first international travel vlog during Covid-19 Pandemic. This vlog documents our journey, step-by-step, from Mumbai, India to Vancouver, BC Canada with Lufthansa Airlines. ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about international travel during these trying times is here in this vlog.
The journey was not as frightening as we had expected it to be…but to be honest, a lot has changed with international travel since the covid outbreak. To find out what these changes are and how both passengers and airlines are dealing with and handling them, do watch this vlog. If you feel it can be helpful to others, feel free to share.
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  1. Is it mandatory to get a rtpcr test before entering the airportand carry a covid negative report?
    Is it necessary to install Aarogya Setu(india) and Arrivecan (canada) apps? For travel?.
    We are planning to move to Canada with family this Dec (on work permit), we appreciate your valuable info.

  2. Truly amazing to see honest couples giving their own experience and helped me a lot in my journey to India next Monday 23rd Nov. I am glad not to book via Air India due to poor standards across the board and lack of understanding by their own call centre staff. I decided BA as it was the only option to travel under these circumstances. Hope BA delivers on their promise and provide a good or reasonable level of support.

    Really good to see you guys offer your time and support to others and I thank you.

  3. Zearaa this is very useful lessons for new travelers. I’m also going to canada this month 26 , I got my visa yesterday. My husband Canadian PR holder . Can I eligible to travel over there ?

  4. Hello dear ,great vlog. Need an information, my husband is in workpermit in canada, can I travel there through tourist visa ? I heard they are not allowing tourists. Please answer

  5. can u tell me which all places u were prohibited for filming….cauz i m about to make a travel vlog this week

  6. Great video. Im in Canada and planning to visit my parents in India. Can anyone please tell me what all documents we need to travel like the covid test and is there anything else?

  7. Don’t misinform your viewers not only persons with spouses and pr can enter. Also people with job offers that are going to apply at the airport or with work permit . And if you are renting a room in a house even if you share washroom or kitchen it’s ok but they say you can’t share the place with vulnerable people. That’s from the Canada official website.

  8. if everyone did this there would be less covid cases. we need more people like you both!! god bless

  9. Yaar tusi I punjabi ch dass devo taa kee farakh penda..They teri di English English yaar a kohi tari nahi

  10. Hi, i planned to go to India for medical reasons. From mid December to end January and i will be left with 3 months of open work permit visa behind. I will have medical leave from my work and i have profes that time when my surgery is done by the doctor from india What you suggest that should I travel or it is risky?? They will let me go from emigration in canada .

  11. Hi. Am planning to travel to canada from Chennai with my 3 yr toddler girl for family reunification. Does water and snacks or foods are allowed to carry with us for kid in hand luggage inside the flight?

  12. wow guys thanks for the informations this is help me a lot because I'm about to join my wife after two weeks hopefully if there is no lockdown for the flights from midle east to Canada .

  13. Very informative…which are private airlines allowed to fly to Canada apart from Lufthansa? BA, Airfance,Air Canada also allowed?

  14. do we require any medical certificate for travel to canada for covid?? can anyone answer or we can just buy ticket fill up form and enter airport

  15. great video❤️ can i travel to canada, my wife is international student, i already have open work permit spouse visa and my purpose to live together with my wife. thx

  16. Is it mandatory to get a RTPCR test before entering the airport and carry a Covid negative report?

    Plus is it mandatory to download the Arogya Setu App?

  17. I want to travel to Bangalore for 10 days and return back to Toronto, may I know what is the process involved . Appreciate your help.

  18. India: Full on lab coats, intense sanitation, masks and shield helmet thing
    'MERICA: umm, put on a mask if u want to or somting, um er oh sanitation keep sanitation if u want to or somthing

  19. Great information, nice blog. Just one suggestion that you should plan on who says what and stop interrupting the other person. Specially the guy keep interrupting whenever the girl is saying something.

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