IRAN: Don't trust the mainstream media!

Sara Melotti, a young Italian travel photographer, talks about her experience of visiting Iran with SURFUIRAN.

“I wanted to see Iran. I wanted to feel the charm of ancient Persia, admire the intricate and colorful designs of its architecture, taste the incredibly diverse dishes, soak in the multilayered culture and live its well known heart-warming hospitality on my own skin; and thanks to SurfIran I did it all, on a dream of a road trip I’ll never forget.”

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  1. I'm not sure what Iranian people think western people think of Iran. Sure there are markets and people are smiling and shake hands. So is in every country – I don't think there is a country where the market is not a cheerful place.

  2. the question is can an Iranian receive such hospitality and welcome from strangers on the streets of the USA?

  3. Neither the mainstream and traditional we don't trust them all are owned by rich corporate giants.
    Greetings from the Philippines.

  4. I saw these Iranian people refusing to step on the American flag but I also see Iranians hiring in the American flag so I don’t know what to believe

  5. It is very interesting. People in fake countries(such america) that did not exist until 100 years ago are now commenting on travel to persia[iran]😐
    Darius II reigned over Persia for 300 years, but the total history of the countries such America and wesrerners is less than 100 years. So never compare your country with Persia👎👎

  6. For a moment I thought she is Carrie Mathison (Homeland TV show) with head scarf in Iran. She is very similar to her specially when Carrie wears head scarf in the show.

  7. My iran. My peaple. 🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷🇮🇷😍❤️. I can describe by a word
    Write this text from north of iran
    Gorgan city🇮🇷😍

  8. in most of time she didn't covered her hair and didn't arrested and didn't punished, but you hear in media girls and women if remove their scarf for 1 sec, they will be punished and arrested.

  9. You’re missing the point. Some media outlets do tell the truth, depending on what ur watching. But in general, Iran’s regime does do bad things to other countries. Also there are still many ppl in Iran who are religious extremists and at times can’t be safe. Other than that it is a nice country.

  10. Kiram kosse madare hame eurpayiha va onvare ab neshinha. Iran behtarin keshvare donyast. Onha hame marizan. Kollan hameshon marizan.

  11. U r always welcome to iran♡
    And forsure we haven't any problem with american people*-*
    Thanks for your very good video about my country♡♡♡♡

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  13. Iran is a country with a rich cultural heritage, in fact, Iran is one of places where civilization started. People tend to look friendly. Zoroastrianism religion of pre-Islamic Iran is the first monotheistic religion, which influenced both Christianity and Islam. However, this video demonstrates that Economically speaking that Iran nowadays doesn't look more prosperous state than before 1979… Which is sad to watch.

  14. I from iran ,i love all of people around the world🌸💜 my country is beauty , you are safe in my country , and actully we have sooo kind people😊💜💜🌸🌸

  15. Dont pay attention to this nonsense. Iran is more dangerous than what you see in the media. We are very extreme and dangerous.We are the cause of the destruction of the Middle East

  16. 1)Don’t trust main stream media ;
    2)One thing is the people and another thing is the governament.
    This golden rule apply to all countries.

  17. Iranians don't feel bad about your country being portrayed bad by the west, they do the same with us (India) as well, there's just slums in India u know😂😜

  18. Hello I am living in Isfahan if anyone wants to come here I will be happy to help you visiting my City so if you need help just leave me an email.

  19. I live in Qazvin province and I tell you that Iran is a very dangerous country. Meanwhile, the Iranian people hate foreigners. In addition, we do not want anyone to praise us or our country, but we prefer all the people of the world to hate us.

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