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Karachi: Shamoon Ismail concert at Avari Towers stopped midway

A concert organised by Salt Arts featuring singer Shamoon Ismail at the Avari Towers Hotel in Karachi was stopped midway on Saturday night.

A police team led by Saddar Assistant Commissioner Sherina Asad arrived at the hotel and stopped the concert midway. A fine of Rs100,000 was imposed on the organisers as well.

“Please follow SOPs everyone,” Asad said. “Concerts can wait. Recreational activities can wait. Stay home, stay safe.”

The event was being held at the poolside. In a post on social media, Salt Arts assured that SOPs were being followed and said wearing face masks was compulsory.

According to South Deputy Commissioner Irshad Sodhar, the action was taken after they received a complaint that coronavirus SOPs were not being followed at the concert.

“We will not tolerate violations against any precautions given by the government,” he added.

The government has imposed a ban on all indoor gatherings and weddings inside marriage halls. People are allowed to host outdoor events with a maximum of 300 people. Wearing of masks has been made compulsory.

The decision was taken after experts warned that Pakistan was battling the second wave of the deadly virus.