Pakistan Solo Female Travel: Luxury, Beauty, Food & UNESCO

I know that the first thing most people outside of Pakistan will think is either “why” or “it’s not safe” but I can assure everyone these are misconceptions of a beautiful country fuelled by years of negativity by the western press. Pakistan is a warm and welcoming country from everything I’ve seen in my own research. In fact, the only real danger I face is getting even more fat than I am now from local Pakistanis trying to force-feed me delicious treats day and night!

It’s going to be a wild ride … I hope you’ll follow along on YouTube 🙂

This video shares the concept and basic premise for 50 days of solo female travel I’m starting in a week. It’s not my detailed itinerary but a rough outline of the types of trips I’ll be taking, which regions I’m travelling to, and my current list of transportation and day trip partners.

Pakistan Travel & Tour Companies I Recommend
Note: I’m still missing one partner for my Karachi excursions but this is my vetted list of trusted travel companies I’ve selected so far.

– Voyage Planners
– Facebook
– For great prices on flights and hotels visit their booking platform
– Specialty: Voyage Planners offer a memorable luxury experience to explore the untouched majestic beauty of Pakistan.

– ExploremyPK
– Facebook | Instagram | YouTube
– Specialty: Customised Luxury and Group Tours all across Pakistan.

– The Exploring Pakistan
– Facebook
– Specialty: Offers spiritually enriching explorations to Pakistan’s most naturally beautiful and diverse sites.

Note: I am collaborating with local YouTuber ‘Balochistan: Land of Beauty‘ to plan my itinerary for this 10-day road trip (thank you, Saif!) @Balochistan: Land of Beauty

XOXO ~ Angela


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  1. Be aware of the negative comments you will be getting in the coming days from Indians. You are most welcome to Pakistan.

  2. Welcome to pakistan If you need any help or information I will be available in lahore.
    Best wishes from lahore

  3. Any plans for northern Pakistan? Gilgit hunza skardu chitral ? Suggestion skip Karachi hectic and waste of time . Land in Islamabad spend couple of days and head to northern mountainous terrain this what Pakistan is known for . Why you didnt include gilgit and hunza valley ?😯 you're missing out those huge mighty mountain ranges glaciers and amazing lakes .

  4. Sounds Fantastic, seems like a unique adventure and first of its kind…there were one good surprise after another in this video got me excited…Luxury travel is something that no one has really covered in Pakistan and it is true that Pakistan is still underdevelopment for such infrastructures and its not gonna be easy doing so in every city but if you know the right people, do research and have enough time in hand you can find pretty good spots which are as good as any specially in these 03 big cities you just mentioned. And then the remote travel to Baluchistan is in itself another unique adventure idea no one really covered due to ofcourse access and tight security issues are the main reasons so as i said seems like we are in for a great and unique adventure along side you. Its a bit late for Northern Areas but still if possible hopefully you can cover luxury travel in North too thou the choice may not be good and it will be off season but still will be good, at least cover Murree/Bhurban PC Hotel.
    Luxury plus off the normal path travel to remote areas are two opposite ends of traveling so it may be fun and cant wait for the content to start on your social media pages. Let me know if need any help in Islamabad specially.

  5. The most anticipated viewing I’ve ever looked forward to . Can’t wait and I’ve seen photos from my friends at work and Pakistan is so so beautiful and beautiful people . I can’t wait to visit soon 👍 western media society destroy their image and it’s so so wrong . Well done Angela for visiting and not taking any notice of the horrible media

  6. Best of luck for your travel. Travelling with a guide is safer in Lahore to karachi and Balochistan journey.

  7. Well came to Pakistan
    Please visit old churches in Karachi and in Lahore. Lots of Christian live in Pakistan happily

  8. U mentioned about mosque in this video. Hopefully one fine day you will be able (sponsored) to do d mosques tour in Malaysia like u have planned earlier.

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