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Pakpattan groom’s mother, sister kidnapped after his court marriage

A young couple’s marriage in Punjab’s Pakpattan resulted in the kidnapping of the groom’s family members.

The bride’s parents kidnapped the groom’s mother and sister from their home after besieging it. The police registered the case two days after the kidnapping and have yet to recover the victims.

The issue started when Tahir married Shaista, who is from Faisalabad, on October 10. They had a court marriage.

Shaista’s parents followed them to Pakpattan and then besieged Tahir’s house for two hours, according to his maternal uncle. They then entered the house and grabbed his 45-year-old mother, who was cooking at the time, according to his aunt.

Shaista’s parents then entered another room and grabbed Tahir’s 10-year-old sister.

The uncle said they called the 15 police helpline but the police didn’t come. The kidnapped woman’s husband says when he went to the police station the SHO cursed and told them to get out.

The police registered a case after the family staged a protest.