What was it exactly that made me love this place? I guess by the end of the video you can decide for yourself…

Ancient mysteries. Fields of gold. Friends wherever you go. The most beautiful tea ever. An epic fort tragically on the verge of collapse. The story of a princess who turned down her own castle, a king who was kicked out of a Rolls Royce showroom – and his revenge. And so much more!

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sad song (19:07): “Legend” by Ryan Taubert
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  1. If every people from different Nations are Patrioticism and Nationalism, there is an increase of Virtual Crime

  2. Denial vs Confirmation
    🛏️🚹🚺 vs 🛏️🚹🛏️🚺

  3. Wow this so cool I guess I'm the only Indian who searched about it its cool I didn't thought that it will so cool

  4. Beautiful pakistan the most beautiful in this videos is your eyes very pretty thanks for exploring hidden beauty

  5. Why you didn't visit Multan, one of the ancient city of the world? It is near Bahawul pur, in the way to Lahore. Please visit next time this city also. Love from Pakistan.🇵🇰

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