This Is Why You Should Travel To TURKEY

An epic day of exploring the amazing south coast of Turkey on a pirate ship, in which we visited the beautiful Butterfly Valley, explored ancient Greek ruins and the ship left me stranded on a tiny island. But everything worked out, as it usually does.
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This Is Why You Should Travel To TURKEY



  1. Just remember that Turkey is a dictatorship led by the Dictator TAYYIP ERDOĞAN and is guilty of human rights abuses, this does not bother you tube blogger GABRIEL, so if innocent Turkish people get imprisonment, beaten, and have their home taken from them, if it doesn't bother you, then go ahead

  2. The poor people like us no chance to see and touch because of that you are doing fine for us shows the world.. thanks Mr Gabriel…

  3. btw i really like your music had enough of standart youtuber shitty musics thanks god this guy has some taste yo! x

  4. living in a far country im from turkey thanks for the videos i forgot how beautiful was it. keep enjoying it you have my dream life xx

  5. Endless places to explore – it really looks like there's a lot of adventure to enjoy and so much natural beauty! Great job Gabriel, this is a fantastic video.

  6. Turkey has a lot of great destinations to offer. Exceptional landmarks, wonderful natural sceneries, historical legacies and a rich culture. Turkey is renowned for its hospitality and is always eager to please. The perfect Turkish experience is just around the corner.

  7. shit man i remember coming here and climbing that cliff to faralya 15 years ago. stayed at george house at the top. there were only fishing boats that would come to the valley from oludeniz at the time. one of my fave travel memories. thanks for the flash backs!

  8. First off Sir you are the man. Secondly you have super nice video quality and editing. I've been watching guys travel/adventure South East Asia, places like China, Vietnam, Slovakia, Africa and you my friend are right up there with them on top of that list. You have some balls going through Turkey and those types of parts of the world. In case you enjoy watching travel vlogs I highly suggest PPPeter, SerpentZA and Laowhy86, ADVChina. I mean these guys are hardcore adventurers like you is why I mention them. For PPPeter check out his South African vlog seriess it is absolutely insane, his new stuff is fun too though. For SerpentZA you have to go back to when he lived in China like search for his "village crawl" videos for old school or scroll down his video page, same with Laowhy86 search backwards, the world today has people freaked out and not traveling as much. Anyways hope you get some enjoyment from those dudes, they're hardcore just like you which why I subbed to your channel here.

  9. Gabe, thank you for all your amazing videos. My 11-year old son has begun to watch travel videos with me (in lieu of what I wish we could be doing- “distance learning” via traveling the world!) You are living my dream. I hope to travel more with my son in the future. I can’t think of a better way to educate him. He especially loved the pirate ships & the parrot. He went straight to his globe & proudly showed me that he knows where Turkey is. Thank you for allowing us to travel vicariously through you! You give me hope!

  10. So, there is no COVID restrictions traveling in Turkey then? did they still allow visa upon arrival? Getting lost during a tour on a remote island is my biggest fear, there will not be anyone around after dark, and the sounds of insects were so loud when I was on those remote islands last June. I knew it was a graveyards before I saw the sign, because it was just a rectangle in the ground. The south west coast of Turkey were like an open air museum, ancient ruins everywhere just above the clear blue Mediterranean.
    I took 2 different ship/Gulet tours, similar to this pirate ship, my tour was called the "12 islands tour" departing from Fethiye, also included lunch, we started at 10am and ended at 5pm. Of course it was full of people last June, I sit near a group of friendly people from Istanbul who help me taking my swimming picture. Those many swimming stops were the highlights of my trip, the fact that I swamp in the Mediterranean was so awesome.

  11. Great channel and very beautiful video thanks it is very interesting i liked and suscribed greetings from Paris

  12. Thx 4 the cool tour. I enjoyed following along. ( I was there in Oldeniz, Turkey 🇹🇷 back in 2002) now in Taiwan 🇹🇼 thx 4 all ur vids. They are appreciated as we travel through you during these times.

  13. Like your videos including latest of turkey🇹🇷 love the country and the Turkish people very friendly as I visit turkey🇹🇷 few times

  14. I actually swam in the Gulf of Mexico today and pretended to be like Gabriel underwater with the camera . I’m a huge fan !

  15. Show us the food and prices where you visit please after all that is also part of the journey as we have to eat to live also.

  16. Thank you for this bit of normality, it restores my badly shaken faith in humanity. Keep traveling, and keep living. You got yourself a new subscriber.

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