1. Hey brother,
    Kya hum stay vali flight bhi le skte hai koi problem to nhi hai? Mai British airways ki ticket leni ki soch rhi thi please btana.

  2. Hlo sir
    Please help me agar hum Delhi airport ke. Inside waiting krni chahte hai apne relatives ki jo hume pick krne ayege toh Kya hum kr sakhte hai overnight ?

  3. hey thanks for info
    just something i need to know
    if someone travel to india do they have to quarantine for 14 days or there is something else if you have info about it thanks

  4. Bro please Answer my simple question. I have filled self reporting form. I have taken the covid test within 96 hours prior to boarding the flight. But I have not received my covid test result yet. I will get my result on the day of my flight. SO HOW CAN I APPLY FOR EXEMPTION 72 hours prior when I dont have the result?

  5. Hi there I have a question I might travel to India from usa I want to know can I quarantine in my final destination that is my final destination is Bangalore if I have my flight landing in Delhi can I wait in airport for my connecting flight

  6. Hey 👋
    What information we need to put in the self quarantine form????
    When is the best time to fill that form out?

  7. Hey , are only emergency cases can go to India or ,, just book the flight and go or do we need to do other stuffs ??

  8. anyone have information about foreign spouses being allowed to travel to India right now? I've seen it previously mentioned online that it is allowed but now I am not seeing any information about it.


  10. Hello brother I am us citizen and I have tourist multiple visa I would like to visit my family can you pls assist me how can I travel to India

  11. How many days or hours did it take for your exemption for negative test to be accepted after filling the form? 🙂

  12. Bro can we take our cab or can call some family member to airport to pick us up. Is there any issue with that please tell me? Waiting for reply on 3rd i got my flight from NYC TO DELHI. please ill keep waiting

  13. Brother I filled both form and Submitted corona test everything so probably good to go

  14. That's a very informative video, so we do not need any Covid-19 negative report before flying from USA? And do we need any registration with Indian embassy?

  15. Hey man if i get my COVID results lets say today…can i fill everything online right away and fly the next day?

  16. Hey, what was your travel date? and also Once you got your bags did they do another screening of your bag?

  17. thank you for the video. i always wanted to go to india. i think it may be a good time as not too many tourists? great video, and the music was epic.

  18. Thank you so much for creating a informative and helpful video…This will definitely help us when we travel to go to India…

  19. Thanks for the info!! Did your covid test specify it was a RT-PCR test? The one I got is the RT_PCR but it doesn't say that on the report so not sure if the airport authorities would be okay with that.

  20. Did you got home quarantine or Institutional?, are they allowing without Institutional quarantine

  21. A have a few questions regarding the journey, I have a stop at Delhi airport for 4 hours, will I be subjected to quarantine in Delhi or on my final destination? And since I don’t wanna be exempted from institutional quarantine is it okay if I just fill out the self reporting form and that’s it? [PLEASE REPLY]

  22. Can you please explain how it was with the registration no. for the Vande Bharat mission?
    My spouse is a foreign national(American) who is allowed by their rules now. we have registered with the mission, and have a no., but its still a tourist visa to India and apparently, it needs to be re-validated according to the MHA order. Was there a thorough visa re-validation/scrutiny happening at the Airport, or is there another step that needs to be done before? we filled up and submitted the registered on the air India website and got a no. , is this all when it comes to register for the mission?

  23. Appreciate your video very informative. Would please let me know will they allow international passengers to board domestic flight Indigo or Vistara if they carry covid -ve certificate. I have to send my mother from Chicago to Dehil in Vandebharath and domestic flight to Trivandrum.

  24. आपने rtpcr test कि थि क्या us मे
    आप तो बहुत घबरा गये थे

  25. Very informative! As I'm here in India still making videos, but if I need to fly to USA this showed me some of that journey

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