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Veena Malik files Rs1b defamation case against ex-husband

Veena Malik has filed a Rs1 billion defamation case against ex-husband Asad Khattak, accusing him of running a smear campaign against her.

Malik said Khattak shared photos of her passport, identity card and residential address on Twitter, adding that his false accusations are damaging her reputation.

In November 2020, Khattak filed a Rs500 million defamation suit against Malik and accused her of unlawfully keeping their minor children, Abram and Amal, in Pakistan. He claimed that the children are US citizens and Malik didn’t allow him to meet them despite the court’s ruling in his favour. 

Malik’s lawyer said that Khattak raised the issue of the children’s custody only because she had asked him to return Rs80 million that he took from her when the couple was still together, reported SAMAA TV. Khattak had taken the money to start his own business.

The lawyer added that the children had been living with Malik for quite some time.

Malik and Khattak divorced in 2017, ending three years of their marriage. They got married in December 2013 in a court in Dubai and have two children.