Why This Girl Is Making a TRAVEL SHOW about

This is the first English-language, interactive, social media travel show about Pakistan. It’s an idea I had been working on for many months – and finally I get to bring it to life! A huge thank you to my incredible social media family, talented team and, of course, Jazz, for enabling me to take this journey.

In the following 7 episodes, I will be taking you on a tour of Balochistan and Sindh (including and beyond Karachi!). Episodes come out every 5 days at 8 p.m. Pakistan Time. See you there 😘

Follow the adventures, photos and Behind-the-Scenes on my Instagram channel:

You can also watch these episodes on Jazz’s YouTube and Facebook:



  1. As a railfan become to say you can please try Pakistan train vlogs and u can able to get chance to ride in loco also

  2. Lots of love from Pakistan we Pakistanis can't thank you that how you represented our country lots of love. May god bless you. May Allah bless you.

  3. Really wow eva…. These vedios are really incredible, I belong to this part of the world and really thankful to the beauty you had presented to the world… Huge love from my side❤️…. Wish I would had meet you.

  4. Hi Eva! How many times I went Pakistan place but I didn’t seen the beautiful place there .yes! You are the first blogger viewing the beauty spot that they hide before, now because of you I think so many people going to Pakistan to watch the nicest spot in Pakistan .not only that..Pakistani people most are friendly.. they are welcome you specially you are d’origine e…that’s my experience when I was there. Thank you Eva for viewing all the nicest spot in Pakistan and god bless more blog Eva… hope you also visit in the Philippines and make a blog. 😘😘😘✌️✌️✌️

  5. Perhaps the bias extends from the corrupt nature of their government. Likewise they harbored Osamah Bin Laden. Their leaders turn their heads and condone atrocities throughout the word. Their world views don’t engender good feeling and a sense of security. Remember science let’s the world explore space and fly to the moon, their religion will fly you into buildings.

  6. Hi friends pls tell me which background music used for this video…. nice background music ❤

  7. Thanks ava for your love and support the Pakistan. Nd the way you describe our different cultures.nd the way you discover new places from which other people's of the world don't know or even get wrong news from there media. I really really appreciate your work and salute to you.

  8. The pakistanis were original people of India, before the partitions.their cultures, languages and genetically are the same races from the India.

  9. The western media and politicians ruined the reputation of many Muslim countries including Pakistan. I live in NYC and chances of getting hurt or killed are higher in here than in many places on earth.

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