"Why Wait 18 Days?" High Court

The Delhi High Court today severely criticised the Delhi government for its flip-flop on the cap on number of wedding attendees allowed in the wake of a fresh wave of the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the city.

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  1. All heavy meat eating ( British fed loyalists ) states getting bird flu type SARS covid19. Still there is no meat ban. Strange.
    Neoliberal Europe and US which stuns animals before meat is suffering now, just imagine how neoliberal India (partitioned on thread and circumcision) which culls cuts sacrifices hangs on roads and pokes cruel fun on them as constitutional validity will suffer. The majority source of toxic carbon emission and ozone depletion happen to be slaughter houses and their CFC storage facilities. Vegetarianism is not a religion. From Lingayats, Buddhists, Jains, Sufis , Lamas, Iamblichus to Pythagoras to Da Vinci to Kabir to Tesla to Cripps to Hitler to Tolstoy to Gandhi to Corbyn to 80% of all what India peculiarly calls "non-veg thali" is vegetarian.
    No human is carnivore even red meat Alexander consumed spices, died of virus/bacteria. All beverages cereals breads pulses grains gourmets spices leaves sprouts desserts constituting majority of all diets are vegetarian. At max human can be omnivore ( 30% carnivore) ; most times humans are herbivore. Never flaunt killing or sell animals as commodities in stock market. Buddhists ( aware) consume naturally dead animals.
    Thread Brahmins ( Aryan myth and VISA greedy – most genetically converted by EU sailors from Goa to Kerala to TN ( Madras) to Bengal (EIC) to Maharashtra (RSS) to Kashmir )  profess war and glorify sacrifices culling broiler cutting hanging on roads and murders ( using and abusing lower castes ) adhering to childless ( rendered impotent by British ) Vishnu shared vedic lakshmi ( commodifying flesh trade porn ) caste system, just to accelerate neoliberal market for profits which ended in china exporting exotic meat ( which its own people dont consume  ) to US (porn and WWF led obese neo liberalism) leading to petri dish/slaughter flus occuring at every trade war.

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