Will Donald Trump Actually Leave the White

President Trump rallies Fox News pundits and GOP leaders alike to defend his refusal to concede, and the White House blocks Joe Biden’s transition efforts. #DailyShow #TrevorNoah #Trump

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  1. I don't really get how Fox news is still allowed to call themselves a news channel when they are actively spreading false and potentially harmful information.

  2. Two months is a good enough time to throw tantrums. January 20th will end all these. People will be singing "That'll be the day when you say good bye…"

  3. Why are all the people who are standing up for Trump using the same hand gestures as he does..?

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  5. I agree that Trump and the rest want to undermine the election, I truly do. And I voted for Biden. I prank called Trump's stupid report fraud hotline. But, I do acknowledge that he has the right to call bullshit. He has no evidence, true, but liberals and lefties shouldn't be outraged or scared that Trump is doing this. Without any evidence, Trump will lose. The same way Demos did with the impeachment trial. It is legal, outlandish, yes, but legal, for Trump to question suspicious activity. He's overstepping, but not enough to prevent the egg from hitting his face.

  6. I would def date K-Fed just to “maybe” meet Britney Spears, yes absolutely worth it 😂😂😂

  7. i definielty said that laughing man was the devil days ago, more like weeks ago, that laugh made my screen crawl, painful to listen to.

  8. Bloody red country C is in the background. Democrats and Republicans (RINO!) The United States has received huge bribes from Dominion and Smartmatec to plan the biggest fraudulent elections of the century. It is a crisis of democracy and a blasphemy to God. Country C has Taiwan / Japan (Senkaku Islands / Okinawa) as its territory and is ready to justify the invasion of Hong Kong / Tibet / Wiggle / South Mongolia and is ready to overthrow the anti-C Trump administration. I learned of the fact that I planned and implemented it. Electoral fraud in the US electoral system The number one cause of fraudulent elections is the inability to act rigorously. Whether you are an illegal immigrant or a dead person, you can vote as many times as you like, and even observers are fooled by bribes and intimidation. This is the collapse of the Democratic Parliament. A unified system is essential in every state. Without a strict US resident registration system, fraudulent elections cannot be prevented. And during this presidential election, the Second Army of Army C said on SNS, "Good! Ready for the war"!
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    C Country Group Company Discovers 1 Trillion Debt Facts!!

  9. Atheists across the world: "I don't believe in the devil" Kenneth Copeland: "HA HA HA." Atheists across the world: "ok, he's the devil!"

  10. Trump is a madman, he lost, he’s a sore loser. Finally someone is about to pop his ego. I hope he goes away kicking in screaming so he’s demoralized even more… PT Barnum and a $20,000 suit 😂🤣😂

  11. All I want is to see the secret service drag his ass kicking and screaming from the White House and throw him to the curb

  12. Those people in that clip who are manically laughing aren't human. They aren't human beings. The UN convention of human rights need not apply to them, nor the Geneva convention.

    Keep repeating it.
    They aren't human.

  13. That so called preacher I believe has real issues. 💯. He must've been off his Meds. or something. He even looked wierd, with his BiG ass mouth. Crazy. 😵

  14. This is karma US! This type of shit the US government does all over the world and nobody cares. So when the US plans to intervene in other countries affairs speak up. Colonizers think they are the only human that matter in this world. FU! I hope Trump doesn’t leave the White House so everyone can feel the unfair acts of that government.

  15. That's the same preacher that robbed millions of his followers… Last i heard of him, he told the people to give in money cause God told him he needed a jet😅😅 Something he and Trump are good at, fooling other people…

  16. 😳😳WOW😳😳look @kenneth copeland, the absolute hate, disrespect spewing from a christian pastorbishop🤔🤔GOD HELP US ALL!!!😔😔

  17. What is horrific are these mouth pieces that are doing trump' dirty work, were these people always this delusional. This country is a laughing stock of the world.

  18. Why did Lindsey Graham look like he's on crack in his part.Or he just get out of his coffin ⚰ knowing the Sun was going down.

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